Congratulations on making the decision to start a career as an auto mechanic. Cars are not as simple as they use to be and going to auto mechanics school is a must if you want a good paying job in this field.

Auto mechanics is a field that is always in high demand. Now a days auto repair shops and dealers require certified mechanics, you will find that there are many accredited schools training people for a variety of certifications.

Why Consider Going to Auto Mechanics Schools and a Career In Auto Mechanics?

When the economy shrinks and money and jobs get tight you have to look for areas that are still lucrative, auto repair is one of those areas.

Autos these days are more complex compared to the past (mechanical, electrical, A/C, collision, etc.) this means more maintenance and repairs. You can’t outsource these jobs, so a career in auto mechanics looks great even in a bad economy, but you need a good education and that’s where auto mechanics schools comes in.

Auto Mechanics Schools In The U.S.

To become a certified auto mechanic you must complete a series of lessons and pass the hands on tests. There are various levels of certification which is discussed throughout this site, this may help you narrow down an area you would like to train in. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Automotive service technicians and mechanics must continually adapt to changing technology and repair techniques.
  • Formal automotive technician training is the best preparation.
  • Opportunities should be very good for those who complete postsecondary automotive training programs; those without formal automotive training are likely to face competition for entry-level jobs.

Screening Auto Mechanics Schools

One section we have, about colleges, goes into the school selection process. If you have someone teaching auto mechanics, but for most of their life they were a gym teacher, you definitely want to keep looking at other schools before you make your final choice.

Sometimes a teacher has 20 years experience fixing cars, but they are not technically inclined, keep looking. We hate to be so harsh, but it’s your education at stake here, it’s your future we are talking about and you need to get the best school and the best teachers you can find. Do your homework when it comes to screening auto mechanics schools.

The Benefits of This Site

With so much information available on the Internet these days we believe this site provides a balance of required information and information of interest. Anyone interested in a career as an auto mechanic (technician) can get all the information they need right here. Lets look at a few more benefits:

Auto Technician – We use the words Auto Mechanic on this site because that’s what people still search for, but auto technician is becoming a more appropriate title because cars these days do incorporate more technical elements than before. This is the reason that auto mechanic schools are a necessity for someone who is serious about making a career in the auto repair field.

Financing Options

There are several layers of financing options available. It starts at the federal level all the way down to local and private funding.

Grants are loans that Do Not have to be paid back. Scholarships are in the same league. Both of these options are harder to qualify for, but there is no harm in trying and sometimes you can get a partial grant; every little bit helps.

The majority of students get a student loan. The benefits are: low interest rates, liberal repayment plans (some cases you don’t have to pay until you graduate) and extended terms to payback.

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